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Football in live

Football Today offers you every day to watch live the football match of your choice. Choose your favorite football club or your favorite domestic league and follow a live broadcast.

  • Goal and scorers
  • Yellow / red card
  • Team lineups
  • Substitutions
  • Detailed stats for your sports betting

The new football experience starts now, follow today's matches live on your website In the English Premier League, the top spenders are at it again. Manchester United and Manchester City are still investing a lot. Chelsea and Liverpool are aiming for the top of the table. Will Tottenham, Leicester, Everton and Arsenal play spoilers or more? In Spain, a shaky Barcelona and Real Madrid should remain the top dogs. Meanwhile, Bayern Munich, Juventus Turin and PSG are the most likely candidates to win their respective domestic leagues. All their fixtures are available live and we hope our service will answer your needs.

Football results & match scores live

Do you want to follow the scores of your match live ? Premier League, foreign leagues or Champion's League ? What are the goals and who scored ? Who will be the top scorer ? What is the score at this moment ? Where is your team in the table ? What are the results for the fixtures you could not watch ?

All the answers to these questions are on Football Today, the website specialized in live football results and scores.