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  • Type club male
  • Names Mérignac-Arlac
  • Code MER
  • Area France

Mérignac-Arlac on Football Today

Get all the necessary information about the Mérignac-Arlac club: live results, starting eleven one hour before kick-off and the full schedule of the team for the 2020/2021 season of National 3.

Mérignac-Arlac match result

The latest result of Coupe de France featured Mérignac-Arlac and Stade Poitevin and ended up in a 1-4 score.

Main players

The full squad is as follows:

Goalkeepers: Clément Delrieu, Loïc Coulaud, Ethan Lecompte Bouchet, De Jesus Mputu Mawete and Mahdi Hammar

Defenders: Sam Herbert, Lucas Paulet, Vincent Roux, Romain Brionne, Marc Rafa, Kévin Gaston, Cleve Kokassa Guymothée, Kevin Machado, Clement Barbe, Ibrahim Taounti and Kais Menasri

Midfielders: Kenny Mavuba, Pierrick Deganello, François Raphael Hugues Hapipi, Ted Mondésir Lavie Mienandy, Johan Blonbou, Vincent Juaneda, Benjamin Tauzin, Mohamed Camus Camara and Marc Couturier

Strikers: Louis Beddouri, Girard Ely Désirée and Nathan Bouchon


February 2021
Sunday 07/02
Mérignac-Arlac Mérignac-Arlac
Aixoise Aix
No table